The Dockwalk goes Digital

Another day another dollar

The laborious dock walk looking for day work has become digitalized now with a new app on the market that changes the way demand and supply in the labour market connect. Dayworker hooks up individuals looking for work with captains with work to offer for someone with the required skill set.  Patrick Maflin and his team have now launched the app  Dayworker as a smart solution for crew looking for daywork or for captains looking for the right individual.

What’s the point?

Any new app in a crowded market for web applications has to first answer the question of why. Why do we need yet another app on our phones? There is already competition to find space on a user’s screen. There are apps for everything today. It’s tough to identify and then meet the needs of a niche app that has not already been addressed.
The rationale for the app is that day work is an aspect of the industry that needs a more professional solution that avails itself of available technology. Potential workers post their availability, location and professional experience, while captains post their needs for dayworkers. Dayworker instantly links the two, with a direct messaging system that allows both parties to contact each other.


Online, real-time calendar functions provide an effective new solution for scheduling and confirming daywork.

Mappa Mundi

Different color map markers indicate whether a user is online with an info window that gives some basic details of a candidate and their profile and work experience
The map function is based on the google map interface with marker clusters allowing a user to drill down to a particular location.


Crew BnB


Another aspect of the Dayworker app is the AirBnB for crew houses and room listings, again filling a gap in a niche market, giving potential users further incentive to engage with the app.

Dayworker was designed in house as a mobile-friendly site which allowed an easy cross over to a web app on different devices. Now  Dayworker is available as an app for Apple IoS and Android. The app is free to use, both as a work candidate and an employment provider.


User demographics

The area which has seen the most app downloads is the UK, followed by the US. France represents a mere 9% of downloads. London has the most online users, with Palma de Mallorca and Barcelona combined coming in second. The Monaco-Antibes sweep is well represented as is the Florida area. There has been a good take up in Antigua and St Maarten. The question with so many start-ups is: how does a new app stake a claim in the market? Like many new apps, the team has to invest time and energy to reach a critical mass and industry acceptance before a revenue stream can be generated.

Start me up

Many good ideas begin with a burst of hopeful energy and then wither in the light of the day. And the risk is always that once there is industry acceptance of this type of app, a yacht management company or one of the agency networks can clone and slip a similar into their product portfolio. Ideas are hard to patent 85% of startups fail within two years. On the other hand, it is common practice in the app world to release a not fully mature product and adapt this salamander-like in response to customer feedback, in the spirit of agile programming techniques. The team behind the app certainly has the resources and staying power to establish Dayworker as an industry standard. Now it is down to exposure and users signing up. As they say, if you don’t use it, you loose it.