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Crew Hierarchy and Salaries



Web sites such as Yotspot are the best place to start a salary comparison search. Here is a list of the roles and how the cascade down in terms of seniority. Size is everything. The largest vessels pay the highest salaries. Yachting salaries can be checked on : Yachting Salaries

In addition crew on charter vessels can expect substantial tips at the end of a charter.



Guideline salaries for captains are determined by the size of vessels, not to mention the generosity of the owner.
Vessel Size Guidelines Salary per Month

Less than 30 metres Euro 3,500 to 5,500
30 – 50 metres Euro 4,500 to 7,000
Greater than 50 metres Euro 6,000 to 15,000

Frequently captains are on a rotation of two to three months onboard service. An owner may have a preference for a particular Captain and any rotation system will have to be adjusted according to the owner’s schedule.
Chief Officer/First Officer (also known as First Mate)
The Chief Officer’s  role is to support the Captain and supervise the deck crew. The daily operational activity and implementation of the Security Plan  is the remit of the Chief Officer who will also be required to stand in fr the Captain in exceptional circustances. Many Chief Officers are qualified Captains on a career trajectory. And in an industry where there is a degree of discrimination, this is a role where women may hit a ceiling.
Guideline salaries for a Chief Officer can be between Euro2,750 and Euro 8,500  depending on size of boat,
Second/Third/Fourth Officers
The number of Officers will vary according to the size of the yacht and its use. Duties are shared down the ranks.
Guideline salaries for a Second Officer can be between Euro 2,000 and Euro3,200

Security Officer
Commercially registered vessels greater than 500 gross tons are required to be compliant with the ISPS (see: International Ship and Port Facility Security Code).
To be compliant a yacht will  need an Officer on board acting as the SSO (Ship Security Officer).  Larger superyachts may have a dedicated Security Officer, but this role is generally covered by the First or Second Officer.

For privately registered vessels or those under 500gt, ISPS compliance is an optional as a marketing plus or for the owner’s peace of mind.

Electro Technical Officer (ETO)
With the ever-increasing complexity and sophistication of onboard entertainment systems married with  increased expectation or the Owner and guests such as each guest cabin equipped with high-speed internet access and satellite television for individual viewing and recording facilities, a  dedicated ETO is engaged on larger yachts. On smaller ones, this role falls to the chief engineer.

Guideline salaries for a dedicated  ETO can be between Euro 4,000 and Euro 7,500 depending on responsibilities and experience.

Chief Engineer
The Chief Engineer is on a par with the Chief Officer, a rank down from the Captain in terms of seniority . The Chief engineer is  responsible for the smooth running and maintenance of the vessel. Due to the technical nature of the role, the qualification structure and career progression route is well defined. Flag States determine the equivalency of individual qualifications, merchant or navy and in different countries. The Chief Engineer will also be in charge of the yacht’s Planned Maintenance System (PMS) . Having a PMS in place is a must have onboard yachts to increase the safe and reliable running of a vessel
Guideline salaries for Chief Engineers can be between Euro 4000and Euro 10,000  on smaller yachts and up to around Euro 6000 per month on larger yachts, with likely rotation two on two off (months)

Second Engineer
The Second Engineer supports the Chief Engineer and also covers watches.
A Second or Assistant Engineer can earn between 1,500 and 3,000 per month rising to 4,000 per month.
Deck Crew
The deck crew generally consist of
Bosun (originally boatswain) who is responsible for exterior maintenance, rigging, cables, anchors etc and organisation of  the deckhands. Guideline salaries for a
Bosun can be between 2,500 and 5,000
Deck Hands – responsible for toys, inflatables, driving tenders, external maintenance such as wash downs, sanding, varnishing etc.
Guideline salaries for deck hands can be between 1,500 and3,000 depending on experience.

Some yachts may employ a diving instructor.

Purser and Stewards
Interior crew comprise of Stewardesses/Stewards and catering crew. They are responsible for the delivery of waitering and dining  services of the highest standard on the planet.
The Stewardesses/Stewards are normally under the aegis of  the Chief Stewardess/Purser and require short but intense training not only up to the required standard but also to the guest’s and owner’s tastes.
Guideline salaries for a Chief Stewardess can be between Euro 1,500 and 5,000 . Pursers can ould expect between 3,500 to 6,500 a month.
Most yachts above 30m will have at least a crew Chef on board. Vessels available for charter will require a proficient chef with experience from top land-based restaurants. Owners often have personal Chefs which
travel with them.
Guideline salaries for a Chef can be between Euro 3000 and 7000. Charters may engage the services of a celebrity chef for a particular event.




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