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Chief Steward position

Chief Steward and Stewardess

 Chief Stews are responsible for the inside of the yacht and have a comparable job to a steward/ess, but with greater accountability. The Chief Stew oversees and enlists the inside staff (Stewards, Housekeeper, and so forth) and reports straight to the Captain.


It’s tough at the top

The most critical part of the Chief Stew’s job is the capacity to think ahead, anticipate necessary preparation before the visitor makes a demand, and to anticipate issues before they become problems. All of this, while being on the job for 18 hours a day on duty in the season. In particular, you should have the ability to anticipate visitors at levels of service that anywhere else would seem over the top.

Work it

There are no “work hours”… work can come whenever, day or night. Days are long and can be grueling unless you love your job. Your time off will be definitely earned and all the more enjoyed. Be generous with your time. Be available and adaptable, prepared to acknowledge new and varied challenges every day. Work till you drop knowing that you deserve every penny of your pay.

A run of the mill day’s undertakings will include:

  • Food and drink arrangement, including giving silver service
  • Drink administration and bartending
  • Managing the cleaning and cleaning of cabins and interiors
  • Visitor greeting
  • Flour organising
  • Petty cash
  • Orchestrating outings, transport for visitors or the owner
  • General yacht tasks

When well established in a Chief Stew’s role, you aspire to move into a Purser job. This is an intensely administrative position that is found just on larger yachts. It requires a solid foundation in everything from administration to organisational skills.

Required Skills and Experience:

The Chief Steward/ess will ordinarily have started out as an ordinary Steward/ess, For high-end superyachts, they may be considered as the highest position in providing for the client’s needs.

There are no specific qualifications, yet a foundation in a top-end drink, cordiality and cooking or client relationship job will put you in a favourable position. The Chief Steward/ess may have finished a preparatory program (for instance the Steward/ess Certificate certified by the Professional Yachtsman’s Association).

Required Certification

In spite of the fact that not it is authoritatively obligatory, the MCA STCW Basic Safety Certification is by and large seen as a pre-imperative for a Chief Steward/ess job.

It’s all about the Benjamins

A Chief Steward/ess could hope to acquire somewhere in the range of Euro 2500 and 3,500, or 3500 to 5,000 on bigger yachts(monthly). As a Purser, you could expect somewhere in the range of Euro 4000 and 7,500 every month.

Profession Progression:

Superyacht Crew:

Numerous bigger yachts utilise Pursers, and it is not unreasonable to aspire to move up to a purser’s role from that of Chief Stew.

Despite the fact that not a ‘team’ position, numerous Chief Stewards have proceeded to end up the Personal Assistant to the yacht proprietor, or the House Keeper/Butler in the proprietor’s living arrangement.

 Crossover from marine cruise ships

Stewards and Chief Stewards are standard on Cruise Liners, and experience onboard superyachts is advantageous for anyone wanting to move into this industry – and vice versa. Bear in mind that, although the basic duties are the same,  the economic demographic is in a  different league.  The superyacht industry is a case apart from the rest of shipping and requires a special skill set.


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