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Sex and Superyachts

Getting Jiggy with it

It is a fact that the superyacht industry is awash with sex, despite the veneer of wholesome elegance that the superyacht media likes to portray. And it is hardly suprising, given the money that fuels the industry. Where there is money there is sex, like bees and flowers.


Tales of misbehavior abound, notwithstanding confidentiality clauses and the non accessibility to investigative journalists. Some of the secrets are sordid. A chef on a superyacht for ten years told the Sun tabloid newspaper how three Saudi royals last year hopped between a trio of yachts near Ibiza they chartered for more than £500,000 a week.

They handpicked prostitutes from a line-up on the quayside while dealers supplied ecstasy, doctors dropped off Viagra and designers swung by to personally hand over costly clobber.

“I’ve seen things you wouldn’t believe. Most guests and owners are normal families, good people, but when they are bad, they’re really bad”


The hookers of the Caribbean (and the Med)

It is a well known secret that a fair size yacht cruises the Med with ‘models’ on board who are ferried over to clients who fancy a quick sexual encounter. This means that there is a complicity between the captain and the owner/charterer, and a sector of the superyacht industry that is engaged with what cannot be called anything other than pimping. This normally falls under the scope of ‘security’, the heavies that protect the owners when on shore. Or the captain may be pressurized to source prostitutes. No captain signs up to this kind of thing.

There is no point moralizing about this. It happens and is an accepted part of the superyacht industry. This may entail cleaning up the yacht for the wife and family to arrive after the hookers have been shipped off. And ignoring the no drug rule. It takes a brave captain to put a charter party on the dockside for drug use – when that person has paid half a million for a week’s exclusive use.

Internal Combustion

And what about shenanigans between crew members? It is common knowledge that to be a crew member you have to be fit, young, able and at least moderately good looking. No fatties on board. We don’t do ugly or bad teeth as it clashes with the decor. So you have young men and women confined in narrow quarters in a high-pressure job, testosterone and estrogen raging, good genes on display – sex is inevitable. And it goes on – away from the captain’s eyes because this kind of thing can cause conflict, even if it is a purely mathematical equation in balancing crew stability and harmony. X fancies Y and but Y has it off with Z so X has the hump and sulks and the atmosphere becomes heavy. And if it is not crew members getting jiggy, it is the owners and guests hitting on crew, and not just on the women. The male crew are often the object of desire of a wife or even girlfriend. The psychodynamics can get really messy.
Sex, like water, has it is own ways of finding ways through barriers. Sex, Sun and Superyachts. Triple S. 18 and over. Vietato ai minori. You have been warned.

The Love Boat

That is not to suggest that every superyacht charter is a porno version of the love boat. Yachts are owned for the most part by serious business men and women who did not make their money by being profligate. When there is wild abandon, there is damage to property, which is an asset after all. Most of the time the crew are too exhausted to even entertain ideas of getting jiggy with it.  And a lot of guests just want to put their feet up and watch the sun set over paradise. Sex gets in the way. But doesn’t it always?



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