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It is like the court of Emperor Nero down in Mykonos. The Greek Island has always had the reputation of being a place to let your hair down ever since a local fisherman and his boyfriend opened Pierro’s, a gay-friendly bar, back in the 1970s. But now the arrival of the billionaires with their superyachts and cash to splash has taken the concept of wild abandon to a new level of unrestrained debauchery. Well, that is one way to call it if you are morally inclined or merely jealous – or just consider it splendid harmless fun and nobody gets hurt.


Nammos does not do cheap

But it is not cheap, even by the standards of your average millionaire. Not in Nammos, the miniscule strip of coast on the South West of the Island. In fact, cheap or expensive does not really come into the equation of being there. It is one of those ‘if you need to know the price it is not for you’ scenarios. Here are some examples of the splendid spending opportunities available in Nammos
Gucci Clutch Bag: €10,000 Euros
Bottle Veuve Cliquot €1000
Sashimi €250 a plate
Dior Breton style tops J’Adior Mykonos €1200 each

“Bikini Time!” by redwinegums is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0 

Leave me alone

Private cabanas on the beach cost you €5000 a day but you do get a butler so it is not so expensive if your thing is for total privacy and you also need someone to run and fetch you pronto a bottle of sparkling water to quench your thirst, at €25 a pop. You have to pay to be left alone – most of us are just ignored.

The season is short, May to September, corresponding to the Med Charter season. Nammos is a favourite on the superyacht charter list and the big yachts come here. Everything is so dammed expensive because it is not cheap to operate in Nammos and suppliers have to make their money in the season. Come October it gets quiet as the sun goes South and rain falls and the yachts sail over the horizon.
Nammos is reportedly owned by 45-year-old Greek businessman Ioannis Papalekas who is said to have made a down payment of 500,000 euros to buy the place as well as the restaurant Seaside Cottage.

You keep on knocking but you can’t come in

The beach is a magnet for celebrities who like to socialise with their peers who themselves are filtered in by their wealth. After all, while nobody can stop you actually going to Nammos, there is no point if you can’t afford to drink or eat there. And that doesn’t come cheap. The bouncers at the bars will take one look at you and sniff your wealth factor out in one glance. You have to exude money to get into some bars.

A-listers a go-go

The A-list club includes Leo DiCaprio and Mariah Carey who used to moor their yachts just offshore. Yachts can now pull into Riva Private Deck, a collaboration between Ekka Yachts and Ferretti Group. From here you can step out onto the €5 grand a day cabana concept area. Complete with office space and all the hi-tech facilities of an urban setting.

Nammos publicists describe the atmosphere as bacchanalian, which suggests drunken orgies Roman style. Instagram movies portray revelers shaking up and spraying their grand a pop champagne Formula One podium style. It is party party party. But if watching is your thing, there is plenty to see.

No flip flops

If you get bored hoping to catch the eye of the A-listers, B-listers, trophy wives and companions, you can go shopping for Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Gucci, Zegna etcetera. Everything here is for sale: even street art from trend artist of the moment $$Alec Monopoly$$. Nammos sand is even available to buy on eBay. But don’t expect to find flip flips or a bucket and spade. Not without a designer label and matching price tag.

Champagne Shower

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