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Jezz Bezos and the mystery of the Flying Fox

One loose twitter and it all kicks off

A $400 million superyacht seen off the coast of Turkey in a photo that is doing the rounds on Twitter belongs to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos if rumors are to be believed, but not according to a representative of the company. He has not even set foot on the yacht. So how come the gossip?


It started when the superyacht  Flying Fox was seen at anchor off Datça, an on-trend tourist destination in Turkey, in early July. Was Bezos was aboard?, people asked. Paparazzi were dispatched. Maybe a new girlfriend in tow (no pun intended), given his recent split from his long-suffering wife.
Bezos’ work ethic is legendary.

That the yacht is owned by Bezos has been the subject of speculation since 2017, when Lürssen began work on the “Project Redwood.”

Journalist Yashar Ali tweeted it was Bezos’ new yacht, but then thought better of it and deleted the tweet. Too late. The rumor had fled the coop. Twitter was alive to the sound of tweets. The rumor was traced back to a jewelry designer who wished she had waited an extra two seconds before pressing send.

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Photos of the Flying Fox began circulating on Twitter Saturday, with the name of Bezos attached.

Not only Amazon workers were getting hot under the collar. Twitterers globally suffered a rise in body temperature, indignant. How dare he buy a yacht?

Even though we all know Bezos is as rich as King Canute and could probably buy the Mediterranean, there seems little reason for him to deny the boat is his. Unless he thinks it does not look good for Amazon.  The price tag of 400 million dollars excludes almost everyone else on the planet and those who can afford this likely or not have a yacht already. But the fact that he could easily afford to buy the yacht does not mean he did.

And let us not forget the boat is always available for charter from Imperial Yachts.

We can almost certainly put this away as a non-story – except for the magazine Business Insider who originally floated the story – again no pun intended.

Alright, the puns are intended. Why deny it?

The PYT-compliant luxury vessel has ample room for 22 guests in its 11 staterooms, which include a private master suite on the top deck with its own jacuzzi, and a number of VIP suites with private terraces and ensuite bathrooms. It also features a two-story saloon, a wooden fireplace, a movie theater with state-of-the-art A/V capabilities, a 39-foot swimming pool, beach club, a gym, a 13,000-square-foot spa and, in case all that wasn’t enough, not one but two helipads.

Only 400 million bucks if you are interested, Jeff. Mention our name and they will give you a good deal.


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