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We have been banging on about the 3 Ps for a long time now – Pollution, Perception and Public Relations – and how the Superyacht Industry needs to promote its green credentials to the world. Otherwise, public perception may turn from awe and wonder at these beautiful ocean-going marvels to anger at the idea of superrich trashing the oceans. And then the authorities step in to impose laws and regulations. There are low emission zones in most major cities. The ocean may become next in line to be subject to low emission restrictions.


We all know that supertankers and containerships pollute far more than superyachts but that is not the point. Two more Ps needed to be heeded. Populism and Politics. Superyachts are easy targets.

The industry is not blind to this. Here is the hall of fame of yachts heralding a green future for the industry,

REV Ocean

This beauty is designed as a research ship into the marine environment. Nina Jensen attended the Blue Ocean 1.0 kick-off during the OPP Innovation Week in Bergen, Norway.

The Blue Ocean Initiative targets young people in particular, engaging them in ocean sustainability through various programs, including an ocean innovation competition.

Black Pearl

This gem of green technology is the world’s most environmentally friendly superyacht,  delivering true zero-emissions cruising, unparalleled on a boat of her range and size. Her controllable pitch propellers channel power back into the ship, utilizing two shaft generators that provide enough power to support the yacht’s hotel electrical load.

This  106 metre sailing superyacht from Oceanco was designed to be a “zero impact” yacht.

Energy-saving is at the heart of the design, from the HVAC system to her technologically sophisticated DynaRig sails from Magma Structures that allow Black Pearl to utilize the natural resource of the wind. Even the details count: Black Pearl will only have reusable water bottles on board to prevent needless ocean pollution.


83.5 meter Savannah uses Feadship’s pioneering Breathe propulsion system – which allows for five different operation modes from diesel and diesel-electric combinations to fully electric.

Power is generated by a 30-tonne lithium-ion battery bank that holds a million watts of electricity. When in diesel mode, Savannah’s dynamic hull shape and steep entrance angle results in  30 percent lower fuel consumption than boats of similar size and scope.


This 90 meter from  Lürssen is the first yacht fitted with electric podded azimuth thrusters (Azipods) and has exceptionally low emissions. Ice’s diesel-electric generators supply power to two Azipods, which in addition to adding eco-friendly kudos provides a comfortable, vibration-free ride.  The choice of azipods allowed for a more flexible layout on the inside whilst electric generators made it possible to fit the engine room on a single deck and save space. Filters were installed on Ice to make sure that the exhaust gases passed through the eight steel pipes at the yacht’s highest points were first filtered and unnoticeable.


The 39 metre  runs on 15 percent biodiesel, and every aspect of Safira’s interior also comes from reclaimed, recycled or remnant materials, without sacrificing luxury.


J class yacht Rainbow helm view by Don Ramey Logan.jpg

This 40 metre Holland Jachtbouw is the first J Class single mast to use diesel-electric propulsion.Her batteries can be charged while sailing with cruising scope in battery-only mode for up to three hours.

Mirabella 111

Image Charterworld

This 41.2-metre sailing boat from Concorde Yachts  has a golf driving range uses biodegradable golf balls that turn into fish food.  Treatment of water from showers, sinks, air conditioners and washing machines is cutting edge.  She also collects ocean data to help with conservation studies.


Photo Credit Ron Holland design

This 58 meter Royal Huismanbreaks new ground hybrid superyacht with an electro-mechanical propulsion system that runs on rechargeable batteries. Ethereal’s systems can operate for an extended period on its stored energy. All lighting and appliances are energy-efficient.

These yachts use innovative approaches to address the issue of marine pollution and the goal of universal zero impact industry


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