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The best superyacht blogs and podcasts.


The great thing about being an independent online magazine is that we don’t have to worry too much about what people think of us. We can also express our likes and dislikes freely without fearing to alienate our sponsor base. Or being obliged to promote supplier content, as interesting as that might be, infomercials which are often the graveyard of many publications that, like in Jackson Browne’s song the Pretender, a Yacht Rock favourite,  started out so young and bold only to surrender.
Or maybe not. In an ideal world, as my editor points out, we can write what we like. Print and be dammed. This is not an ideal world, he says. The Golden Rule: whoever has the gold rules. So I have to tone it down and go ahead my natural instincts which are to roast the lot of ’em.
Today we are going to look at Superyacht blogs and podcasts.

The Yacht Stew

Top of the dial comes the yacht stew, the yacht muse who enthuses about her chosen profession. She is Gemma Hulbert. She also features on the new one percent podcast. If there is an award for enthusiasm Gemma would win hands down. She glows with enthusiasm for all matters pertaining to the art of stewardship on a yacht.
Actually, Gemma has already won an award- the A-crew chief stew of the year award.
Her yacht stew blog bubbles with tips, interpersonal counseling, and career advice. It is a very pink blog: plenty of talk of my girls and color-coordinated dinner service. Ever wondered what white-glove service is? Need an insight into silver service? Gemma has the lowdown. She is an insider, a force of nature, a truly talented -and honest – blogger. She has even been interviewed by CNN. Since her husband and fellow superyachteer  Ben wants an army of kids, we may see her move on from the chief stew role into something more land-based but whatever she does her enthusiasm will be contagious.


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NEW YORK ☀️ I’m so very thankful for this amazing group of women, the places we get to experience and the serious amount of giggles we have daily! 💗 I am SO keen to plan a little NYC getaway now! I wasn’t able to get off the boat much & I have a bucket list of places to visit in the city of lights. I swear the longer I’m on yachts, the longer my list of places to visit grows! Have you been to NY? 🗽 Anything I should add to my list for next time? . . . . . #yachtie #stewardess #lux #luxurylife #ocean #yachting #superyacht #yachtieworld #travel #travelbug #stewardesslife #summertime #yachtblog #theyachtstew #communityovercompetition #eventplanner #nautical #yachtstew #yachtstewardess #chiefstew #yachtchiefstew #superyachtcontent #lifestyleblogger #yachtingblogger #interiorteam

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Your Skipper

The your skipper guy, Cameron Spingthorpe, Master 500gt – Chief Mate 3000gt, has a short series of podcasts but has been silent since July 2019.

 One outstanding podcast episode is with Ron Boogaard of Horizon Yachts. Though these podcasts are strictly amateur, they are professionally made, with its very own theme tune. No pretensions,  no airs or graces, no jargon, just a refreshing love of the sea and yachts.  Definitely one to check back on to see if there have been updates.

Superyacht Radio

The big daddy of podcasts has to be the Superyacht Radio series. Ranging from 17 minutes to an hour and a half, this in real insider stuff as all the hosts and interviewed are superyacht professionals. Except maybe Thomas de Bernede who is a magician and illusionist.  Available on Spotify you can download the whole series and listen offline when out of internet connectivity. Founders Dave and Maeve Dempsey are admirably focused on preserving the marine environment. Topics include interviews with CEOs, local agents in unusual locations, conservationists, topics such as mental health, law and life stories.


Youtube is a haven of superyacht blogs. Our favorite us esysman, who also bubbles with enthusiasm albeit a more masculine variety than the yacht stew
(A lot of them are about his Porsche which are fun, especially the one where he crashes his new Boxter just after he bought it. I confess I felt schadenfreude at that one. ) His series of videos include most outrageous purchases by a superyacht owner and Stephen Spielberg needs a bigger yacht.
Equally engaging is Tristan Mortlock who  has 62k subscribers as the superyacht captain

Other worthy mentions go to YA Crew and the blog written by Abi Smith. Let us not forget to tip our hat to Angela Orrechio who writes for the Savvy Stewardess Blog. 
Work on Yacht is another Yacht Stew blog that serves as an insider guide.
Yacht Needs which is making a bigger splash in the superyacht app world has an interesting blog that is definitely worth checking out.

Bloggers, we salute you

Those bloggers who have persevered with their blogs, after being greeted with the deafening roar of silence on launching, we salute you. It takes many months of indifference to get an audience. You also get a lot of insults along the way, if you leave the comments enabled. Many blogs start out so young and bold only to surrender. The bloggers who persevere are driven by passion which is the real fuel of the industry, not diesel, not turbine generated electricity. It rolls the waves and gets you up in the morning. You cannot pretend passion for your craft.




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