It’s a wrap

    It made a big splash in the world’s media. Social media went into overdrive. LuxWrap set about transforming a superyacht into a floating gold bar, using cherry pickers, floating pontoons, scaffolding and a team of men at the Port of Viareggio, Italy which also happens to be the port of registry for the superyacht. LuxWrap is a leading international Yacht and Superyacht finisher, specialising in the installation of advanced Vinyl Wrapping solutions for Yachts.


    The boat is the M/Y LuxWrap not only had the intricate job of covering M/Y’s exterior, swim step stairways and jacuzzi area but they were also commissioned to gold chrome wrap the yachts Jetski’s, Seabobs and Tender boat.

    The chrome gold wrapped Seabobs. Photo: @luxwrap Instagram the firm that commissioned the superyacht to be wrapped in chrome gold markets itself as the world’s largest hair extension supplier. The cost of the wrap will be offset by the free publicity. Genius. Your superyacht becomes a floating gold billboard. Give the marketing department a bonus. Wrap them in gold.


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    The boat itself is a modest affair, up for sale at US20 million. Compared with the big boats, this is peanuts. But where the megayacht Dilbar goes a light beige colour, M/Y goes loud and gold.

    Is it appropriate to be flashing your cash in this way? Probably not. It’s loud and ostentatious and says I am fabulous. Like hair extensions.
    Job done.

    Photo: Six-One Sunray @61_sunray Instagram