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The Mystic Yacht

Here you are in a lockdown – can’t go nowhere, stuck in a cabin, just you and Zoom. What can you do? How about meditating? It don’t cost nothing and it might just lower your cabin fever. Here are some of the plus points of tuning out of reality for a few minutes. Take a deep breath and take a walk on the mystic side.

“Hark, now hear the sailors cry
Smell the sea and feel the sky
Let your soul and spirit fly
Into the mystic”

30 tangible benefits of meditation

 1: Feeling relaxed

2: Feeling peaceful

3: Feeling a sense of joy that is not related to any worldly event or success but rather a feeling of bliss that cannot be traced back to any happening in the objective-phenomenal world.

4: A feeling of elation at being free from anxiety.

5: Every activity other than meditation pales into insignificance. Results and goals seem second-rate in comparison and the work of meditation becomes the prime objective in life. Work and daily activities remain important but are a means to an end, which is to be able to practice meditation in freedom and security.

6: You develop a higher awareness of people and your environment in as much as they impact upon your peace of mind. Your mind feels cleaner like a clear mirror that reflects any object that appears on its surface. You are sensitive to any negative energy that impacts on your feelings of relaxation, peace and joy.

7: You become more balanced in your relationship between your inner self and the external world. You no longer get caught up in events or become a victim or get bothered by people and situations. You no longer get wrapped up in your own emotions and instinctive reactions to the world.

8: You feel more empathy with those you meet and their happiness or suffering, without getting caught up in their world. Differences in race, colour, sex, class and opinions are accepted with equanimity, without aversion or attraction. You no longer become offended by incorrect views or feel bound to your own preferences.

9: Your mind becomes more expansive in your dealings with people and situations, especially in matters of money. Your conscious thoughts refer less to your own desires and needs and more towards the people you are dealing with who you now see as the same as you, all permeated with the one pure consciousness. You do not act for personal gain but are increasingly aware of the consequences of your actions on others and on your environment. This life supporting attitude generates an energy which opens a path for others to reciprocate. And so your world expands.

10: You are no longer swayed by hate or dislike of people or situations, but you remain conscious of situations and act with greater clarity. You become more flexible, adapting to circumstances rather than from a fixed mind set.

11: Positive change is continuous and incremental. You feel better in yourself as time passes.

12: You develop a sense of detachment as things happen to you but you do not remain attached to that person. Whatever attachments kept your sense of identity intact loses their power to restrict the identification of your conscious mind with infinite space.

13: Unrestrained sexual desire, anger, greed, attachment, pride and conceit no longer influence your decisions and choices. Free from attachment to negative impulses you expand the horizon of your lifestyle.

14: You feel that your heart and mind is expanding into a fuller understanding of the universe and the truth of existence, and that this truth is no different from the truth of your own self.

15: You feel that you are living in an infinite and indestructible dimension. Things of the finite world that decay and decompose and are destroyed no longer have the same appeal and you do not fear their passing. This eventually applies to your own body.

16: The desires that arise in you have a single purpose and that is to make your living environment more peaceful and harmonious.

17: You become more decisive and assertive. Energy levels rise. You do not fear challenges and are confident in your choices.

I laugh when the fish say they are thirsty

18: You become moderate in your eating habits and regular in your sleep patterns.

19: You do not get upset by events but rather see the dynamic process of the world as transient. You do not let thoughts and reactions to events overwhelm you.

20: You are happy with your company but enjoy social activity with likeminded people. If you feel sadness in your solitude, this emotion is just part of your worldly experience and does not captivate you. Likewise, happiness does not bind you. You feel a sense of freedom from the chains of sadness and happiness.

21: The world solidifies, eventually becoming an amorphous mass of energy, though you remain conscious of the seemingly independent identity and patterning of the myriad objects in your experience of the world. You see the rising and falling of mutually dependent conditionings of everything in your experience but know that the ultimate source of these conditions is absolute consciousness.

22: You will know that you are the creator of your worldly experience and that your creative ability is a manifestation of absolute intelligence. You feel comfortable in your embodiment and love your creation.

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

23: Change or no change, stability or instability, economic prosperity or recession, you know these to be merely appearances of an unchanging eternal reality and so are not swayed by them.

24: Everything in time and space, down to the smallest subatomic particle, reacts concurrently as one shared reaction in a constant relationship, which is the cosmic dance.

25: Nothing is done unconsciously without the knowledge that your mental processes and the external world resonate simultaneously with inseparable pure energy. Everything you do is pure in action and intent.

26: Your existence in the body has the sole purpose to exist in higher consciousness. Your expanded mind influences those you encounter and your immediate physical environment.

27: You cease to fear your mortality.

28: You cease to fear disease. Even when your body suffers from an illness, you know that you are not the body but the source of all creation, pure intelligence.

29: Your entire existence is devoted to living in harmony with this creative intelligence, to thinking in resonance with pure thought as the manifestation of pure consciousness.

30: This becomes your reality, your purpose in life.

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