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Guest Article – Why New Owners Should Hire Yacht Managers

Advantages of Yacht Management Programs for New Owners

After purchasing a new boat or yacht, owners are faced with a long checklist of tasks from finding a boatyard and arranging a haul-out for repairs or refits to conducting sea trials, hiring crewmembers, and scheduling monthly dockside services. There is so much to get done before they can plan a cruise and enjoy their vessels. Take the stress out of this process by hiring a yacht management company.


In just a fraction of the time, professional yacht managers can get all the above tasks completed and ensure a yacht is ready to be underway. Experienced professionals can take care of all the details involved in preparing a newly purchased yacht for the water and managing the vessel once its operational. Ultimately, the benefit of yacht management companies is stress-free yacht ownership.

Why Should New Owners Invest in Professional Yacht Management?

There is always so much to get done when operating a yacht. A yacht’s captain and crew can handle many things, but they can get easily overwhelmed with all the tasks involved in preparing a vessel for the water. One of the advantages of yacht management companies, is that a captain and crew can focus on running the vessel and serving guests while an experienced team of professionals is responsible for crew placement, managing vendors, scheduling yard periods, and other time-consuming tasks.

Yacht managers are likely to have dealt with all types of vessels before and understand the expectations of most yacht owners. They may even know things that must be done that a new owner may not even consider. Choose a well-regarded yacht management company and they will go above and beyond what many have come to expect from a yacht management company.

Yacht Management Program Benefits You Can Expect

From managing operation on a vessel to performing regularly scheduled yacht maintenance, one of the benefits of yacht management companies is that they handle all this for owners, so owners and their guests can focus on relaxing and enjoying their time at sea.


Monthly Management Program

Yacht management plans are tailored to fit the needs of a specific yacht and its onboard systems. Typically, they include some or all the services listed below.   

  • Crew Placement & Management: Yacht managers can find the ideal captain and crew members for a yacht. They can handle the interviewing process, accounting and pay roll, scheduling vacation times, and even arranging health care plans and more.
  • Financial Management: Qualified accounting teams typically make up a yacht management company. They manage the finances of a yacht with bookkeeping, budget forecasting, financial tracking, petty cash accounting, and additional expense management.
  • Concierge Services: Yacht managers collaborate with crew to help plan every detail of a private cruising or charter program. They can assist with dockage, itinerary planning, provisioning, guest transportation, accommodation booking, and more.
  • Mobile Dockside Care: Once signed up to a monthly management program, mobile service teams are often sent out to yachts to carry out monthly or even weekly maintenance and cleaning services including complete detailing, washdowns, bottom cleanings, interior cleanings, varnishing, systems checks, mechanical and electrical repairs, warranty tracking, service history tracking, and more.
  • Additional Services: Haul-outs, hull painting, emergency repairs, yacht refits, restoration, engine rebuilds, system repair and installation, hurricane storage plans, yard scheduling, charter program development, personal watercraft maintenance, interior design projects, and so much more.

Captain Joshua Kerrigan is the Founder & President of Yacht Management South Florida, Inc. If you are looking for the best yacht management in South Florida, they are the company to choose. At their full-service boatyard and marina in Fort Lauderdale, a team of yacht managers and certified technicians work together to ensure stress-free yacht ownership to all their clients. Call (954) 941-6447 today to learn more about their reasonably priced services.



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