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Indonesia Border Reopens Feb 9th

Indonesia Border Reopens Feb 9th

Bali, Indonesia…2-10-2120– Indonesia was recognised as an exceedingly attractive Asia Pacific cruising destination until the country shut down borders due to Covid-19.  Now there’s good news for travellers as Asia Pacific Superyachts (APS) Indonesia announces borders opening and “Entry to Indonesia for Foreign Nationals”.

 The travel news update as of February 9, 2021 announced by Thomas Taatjes of APS Indonesia, explains further: “We are pleased to announce that the government has again opened up the borders to international travelers that are eligible, under a few different requirements”.

“The main requirement of interest to us is of those people with valid visit visas (Visa Kunjungan). These visas hold an index of 211. Recently these visas were changed to be represented in the form of an eVisa. Please note that this current regulation (allowing of foreigners to enter the country) is valid for 14 days from today (00:00 9/FEB/2021 GMT +7). This could be changed, extended or abolished in this time frame at any time.”

“This is under the rule SURAT EDARAN SATGAS NOMOR 8 TAHUN 2021, the original (in Indonesian) and the unofficial translation of this overview is available”, Taatjes notes. To request this document and learn more email thomas@asia-pacific-superyachts.co.id

Thomas Taatjes of APS Indonesia

Indonesia is a great destination to plan for as the world moves toward the backend of the pandemic. Those with a penchant for exploring and adventure will find nothing short of a cruising paradise and a rare opportunity in finding a favored cruising destination reopening. For more information and to plan an Indonesian voyage visit APS Indonesia www.asia-pacific-superyachts.com/indonesia  

 PHOTO CREDIT:  Asia Pacific Superyachts

Media Contact: pr-comm@asia-pacific-superyachts.com

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