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Click bait superyacht ads

  • Click bait accounts for 50% of online ad revenue
  • a five billion dollar industry
  • 85% of internet users click on bait ads

Advertising a major form of revenue for online newspapers. Click-bait is the dark art (and not always subtle) of enticing readers to follow a story with links to advertisers’ products. Superyachts seem to be a source of an enduring passion for online readers. Hardly a  day goes by without a feature on a superyacht – Abromovitch’s latest one, as the epitome of a luxurious lifestyle,  some celebrity’s party, drunken crew shenanigans, a divorce scandal with a superyacht involved, or accusations hurled at politicians for accepting an invitation aboard one. Photos galore accompany each article, blue skies, infinity pools, beautiful women abound.


The general public at large is fascinated by the very idea of superyachts, and given that that they have zero chance of ever setting foot on one, reading about them on a phone gives them insight into a closed-off world, the gilded palaces of the superrich.  Combine a random Facebook post like the one about Jeff Bezos buying the Flying Fox, the internet clicks go stratospheric. The newspaper’s analytics experts will have pointed out to the editors that every time they do a spread on superyachts, advertising click-through rates increase – and the high-paying Cost Per Clicks too.  Just as high-profile celebrities and loudmouths draw in the crowds, so do fabulous superyachts as a floating Downtown Abbey. Superyachts are good for revenue.

For the advertising industry superyachts are a valuable commodity. Web sites catering for the very wealthy or the aspiring rich, such as Forbes and Robbs, are able to gain traction on luxury brand names by association. Specialist sites promote businesses either embedded in the industry or new entrants to the decision-makers. News aggregators such as Yahoo and MSN achieve high click-throughs from articles on superyachts.

Given that many of the world’s leading companies are associated with an individual – Branson, Larry Ellis, David Geffen – the process is mutually beneficial. With over an internet trillion references to superyachts on the web, merely being associated with one guarantees profile. Many superyachts are high-value billboards for the owner’s brand. It’s a win-win outcome. Champagne all round!

I bait, you click.




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