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Lord of the Yachts

It came as no surprise when news broke that the comfortably wealthy boss of Amazon Jeff Bezos, had put pen to paper and signed up for a 417-foot-long, $500 million superyacht referred to just as Project 721. He had been seen on many superyachts, including the Flying Fox and Larry Ellis’s one. It was just a case of when he would get his own.


Given that Amazon is set to invest half a billion in the new Lord of the Rings series, buying a superyacht is not all that extravagant. Or compare that to the $250 million that Bezos paid for the Washington Post. Maintenance of the yacht will come to 50 million annualy. 

The code name Y721 hardly describes a three-masted cruising vessel that comes with its own helipad. We can expect some groundbreaking technology.

The boat’s subtleties are being held under close wraps, as per news reports. The Y721 is being designed in the Netherlands by Oceanco and follows in the wake of the  Black Pearl project, “one of the biggest and most natural cruising yachts on the planet,” as their website proudly proclaims.

Bezos’s boat will be 127 meters in length, 20 meters longer than the Black Pearl. The yacht will come with its own support vessel, which is the latest in superyacht trends. Expect cars, expensive tenders for trips to ashore, probably a submarine,

Laura Sanchez, Jeff’s new life partner, is a helicopter pilot. She will have her own helipad on the support yacht, the main one with three masts being unsuitable for helicopters. Rumour is that Bezos is taking pilot lessons. Maybe a His and Hers set of twin helipads?


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