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The Luna Saga : the plot thickens

All happy families are alike, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. 

Sensationalist media oulets reports that British SBS veterans have been hired to storm a Russian oligarch’s superyacht. Apparantly Tatiana Akhmedova has enlisted a crack team of elite soldiers to seize the £225m Luna after her billionaire ex-husband refused to pay £453m divorce settlement.

The specialist asset recovery squad has been instructed to seize the 115metre Luna from Farkhad Akhmedov who has refused to comply with a British Court writ.

Ownership of the yacht is central to the  £453million settlement, which Farkhad Akhmedov maintains is not valid as he claims that the couple were already divorced in Russia. Even their son has become embroiled in the divorce. His mother has accused their son Temur Akhmedov, 27, of colluding with the oligarch to conceal  £70million.

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This led to a British judge ruling ordering the son to pay the mother around £75 million.

The £225million Luna superyacht was built for Roman Abramovich and sold to Farkhad Akhmedov who spent £50m on a refit in Germany. The divorce has been bitter and incredibly expensive, acerbated by litigation lawyers who are chasing the husband in return for a percentage of the divorce proceeds.

In August 2020, Mr Justice Haddon-Cave, who presided over the case at a trial in the Family Division of the High Court in London, said Ms Akhmedova should be awarded £453 million. The divorce case is one of the largest and most bitterly contested divorce cases to go through the English courts.

Assets separately seized so far include the yacht’s private £5million Eurocopter and its £1.5million Torpedo speed boat, customised with a 1965 Ferrari GTO steering wheel. A £40million global express jet has also been seized.

The Luna remains under an international arrest warrant in Port Rashid. Mr Akhmedov says he would rather ‘burn’ his money than pay his ex-wife, Ownership of the vessel was recently transferred to Tatiana by the flag state in a game changing ruling. 

Tatiana’s lawyers confirmed to MailOnline: ‘The Marshall Islands courts have formally awarded the M/Y Luna to Tatiana; we are, of course, using all options available to us to recover her as part of the rightful settlement awarded to Tatiana. Therefore, we have retained the services of a specialist company to retrieve all assets owed to our client.’ Mr. Akhmedov bought this 377ft super-yacht called Luna in 2010, and it’s a mansion cruising on the water. Let us dive into the marvelous creation that is the object of Tatiana Akhmedova’s affection, for which she went to the extent of hiring special forces team to seize the yacht.

YachtMondo has spoken to former associates of the billionaire who are speculating on his game plan. British Special Forces are very unlikely to get involved in seizing assets in a divorce case and under no circumstances would conduct clandestine operations in Dubai, a sovereign state. These sensationalist reports are more likely a warning to the owner not to attempt to sail international waters where British High Courts would be difficult to enforce.

Farkhad Akhmedov can not destroy the yacht as ownership has been transferred to the wife in the Marshal Islands, the flag state. This would be criminal damage.

Perhaps Farkhad Akhmedov is waiting for the lawyers to tire of waiting for their share of the proceeds. In the meantime, the Luna is parked up next to Sheikh Mohamed’s, where it has not moved in five years, under the jurisdiction of Duba’s courts.

Name: Luna
Owner: The Straight Trust (Akhmedov family trust)
Builder: Lloyd Werft, Germany
Cost: €400m (April 2010)
Launched: October 2009
Christened: April 2010
In service: April 2010[1]
General characteristics
Class and type: Ice Class
Type: Motor Yacht
Tonnage: 5,750 GT[2]
Length: 115 m (377 ft)[3]
Beam: 22.5m
Height: 47.46m
Draft: 6.49m
Decks: 10
Installed power: 15,000hp
Speed: 22.5 knots max speed, 18 knots cruising speed
Range: 9,000 nm at 16-18 knots
Boats & landing
craft carried:
8 tenders & 2 lifeboats/VIP limousines
Crew: 52 Crew
Aviation facilities: 2 MCA Helicopter pads with fire suppression system and full night time landing certification with on board helicopter landing/maintenance/fire tea

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