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We live in a world where resources are becoming scarcer by the day


Vegan leather is often associated with faux leather, a toxic plastic bi-product. Animal leather is equally toxic to the environment.
ApplePeel, a natural product based on a by-product from apple juice production, is the leather alternative with a future.

It offers practically limitless possibilities in terms of structure and color.
A start-up, Sohotree, combines unique sustainable materials and fine craftsmanship with innovative ideas.

ApplePeel is a Bio-based leather alternative – sustainable and 100% vegan.

Apple peel is part of the surplus by-product that accumulates from the fruit juice industry in South Tyrol in northern Italy. The recovered peel is dried and crushed into powder. A company in Florence processes this into ApplePeel, our vegan leather alternative coated with a cotton base.

Sohotree’s product range is distinctly Boho – Iphone, Ipad and Samsung cases, backpacks, Apple watch starts, wallets, and toilet bags, but they will take on interior projects with designers.

Apple leather shoes are in already production. What’s next? Underwear and lingerie?



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