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It is important to remember that superyachts are not ethical decision-making entities, they are amoral, and largely loss-making, assets .  Superyacht news


The post-truth world we live in today is both astounding and true. In this context, facts can be perceived as a point of view that’s rooted deep within emotions–and vice versa!

With the current climate in society, it’s hard to tell if something is true or not. One thing that might be considered “true” but certainly doesn’t have any documentation for its existence would seem like yacht ownership – does this lead actually make money lose hands? You know what they say: buy an expensive boat and watch out because soon enough you’ll have nothing left!

However, if you buy a 50 million yacht it will set back your company 5 million each year just for maintenance and privilege costs. Let’s look at the loss-making aspect again: most yachts are owned by trusts or offshore entities which means they can deduct their expenses from what’s earned in tax deductions; but let me assure you–there is no way that business people who purchase these types vessels would tolerate them being anything less than profitable!

The idea that yachts are just expensive tax avoidance schemes also needs to be challenged
A big difference between owning one and being efficient with your money is the bragging rights. If you’re only paying for it during the summer months, then this will not last long at all! Plus there are always those vanity factors like how proud people feel when they see their name on something large enough—and let’s face ́it: who doesn’t want more attention?

The industry is not amoral.
A yacht has always been seen as a woman: delicate and subtle, with her crew of men who are strong but gentle enough to make sure she doesn’t get too upset at sea or angry when challenged by another vessel’s engine noise on busy days near term grounding time in harbour where they’ll be waiting out bad weather conditions before setting sail again come sunset shuts down operations until morning comes along finally bringing light back into our world

Yachts are often seen as being beyond the moral compass. But this just isn’t true, especially in today’s world where we have so many billionaires who own them! The crew members on a yacht work hard and take pride not only in their job but also in which company they represent – whether that be the captain or engineer.

By transforming the superyacht industry, we are creating a more sustainable and equitable world. By embracing new technologies like automation to reduce human interaction with machinery while improving safety standards on all ships globally – including in countries where it is still very difficult for people who live at sea level every day because they don’t have access or resources like land mass-to enjoy what we take freedoms granted by deepwater ports that come with technological advances, and of course seemingly unlimited wealth.



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