Authors wanted


If you got a story to tell, something to say, a grudge to grind, gossip, scandal but no slander, please, then drop us a line. We can pay you a percentage of any click links to Google advertising. We can’t promise you will be a youtube millionaire but you may earn  a little extra on the side.


Articles should be longer than 750 words, unless really to the point when shorter could also be good. Max is 2000 words otherwise people get bored. Images always welcome but we will need your consent to upload as you officially grant us a limited license to upload them.

Copyright stays with you and you can withdraw or edit whenever you want.

You can be as controversial as you like. There is a lot of pussyfooting around in the industry and it can get a little monotonous.  Racism? Sexual discrimination? Bring it on..

Drop us an email at

We would love to hear from you. Most sincerely.