Corona Virus

EU to exclude British...

The EU is set to exclude British Yacht Crew from the proposed European Health Pass scheme which will allow vaccinated EU citizen to travel within the bloc without further tests, quarantine or proof of Covid free status.

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Superyacht salary review

As the year draws to a close - 2022 if you are reading this in archive - we thought it good to look at salaries in the superyacht industry. So we set our tech team the task to use their AI programme and see what the internet had to say about salaries in our industry.

Elon Musk and Starlink Satellites

Elon Musk's Starlink system is made up of thousands of small satellites orbiting the Earth at an altitude of about 340 miles. Starlink is providing internet service to around 40 countries since coming online in 2021.

Thailand has been awarded Best Super/Luxury Yacht Services & Management Business 2022

The magazine reports there have been huge changes within the travel and tourism industry over the past few years. As we all know, there has been a sweeping impact upon the businesses offering breathtaking adventures and luxurious services within the travel and tourism environment.

Superyacht Cargo moves to France

Superyacht Cargo opens a French distribution centre to service ships stores and supplies in Europe as the company reshape its business model to bypass the obstacles caused by Brexit

Extinction Rebellion at METS TRADE 2022

The social philosopher Henri Pachard wrote: "when the rich turn their backs on the world, they soon find themselves lined up against a wall."  It is the nature of rebellion, never a polite and good-mannered affair but incoherent and angry. Extension rebellion stormed the barricades at the Mets Trade 2022 recently, unfurling, banners, and shouting a lot of abuse about the very existence of superyachts

Superyachts as Super-Luxury Hotels

The premium hotel chain Four Seasons generated the most buzz at Monaco Yacht Week when it announced the formation of Four Seasons Yachts during...

Galapagos, what a place!

The Galapagos islands are a group of volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean. They are home to many unusual species of animals and plants,...

The rise and fall of Russian oligarchs – and their superyachts

The invasion of Ukraine launched by Russian President Vladimir Putin in February caused an international outcry. Sanctions came thick and fast, aimed at restricting the...

The future of superyacht design

As the world's richest get richer, so too does their desire for the ultimate in luxury. This is nowhere more apparent than in the superyacht market. These enormous vessels have been growing ever larger in recent years, as owners attempt to outdo one another with ever more opulent designs. But what will the superyachts of the future look like?